Content Marketing Toolkit

Create Content that Connects and Converts with instant access to our secret suite of in-house planning tools and content creation techniques.

This content marketing toolkit combines CONTENT CREATION tools with CONVERSION tools for maximum leads and sales.

A DIY kit jam-packed with the EXACT tools that my team uses EVERY SINGLE DAY when we help our premium clients SMASH their content marketing goals.

That’s right, we are opening our doors on our secret suite of in-house tools and techniques.

We use these to create content every day and they help us to:

  • SPOT a killer target keyword
  • ALWAYS create content that converts
  • OPTIMISE our web content so search engines cannot ignore it
  • FOLLOW the success of our planned and published blogs
  • TRACK our content distribution channels

This toolkit also contains CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGIES to help keep you on track and guide your business decisions, so you're combining content creation tools with conversion tools for MAXIMUM leads and sales.

When you grab this Content Marketing Toolkit, you get our:

  1. Ideal client workbook
  2. Keyword research guidebook
  3. Click-worthy Headlines guide
  4. Facebook reach and engagement checklist
  5. Blog post template
  6. Fill-in-the-blank Sales Page templates
  7. Multi-channel Content Marketing Planner
  8. Core Content / Blog planner (you'll find this in the content marketing planner)
  9. Planner to map your core offers (you'll find this in the content marketing planner)
  10. Marketing performance tracker (you'll find this in the content marketing planner)
  11. Blog optimisation workflow
  12. Online Presence Optimisation Guidebook



  • Recorded Masterclasses on Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Recorded step-by-step training on How To Use Google Analytics for performance tracking
  • Instant access to the SEO for Beginners info-course
  • Additional downloadable resources from the masterclasses and SEO course.

These pre-recorded trainings give you the actionable know-how to plan, create and track with purpose.

The templates, training and tools you actually need, with ZERO FILLER CONTENT, because we want you to excel and get started, not waste time.

The practical nature of this toolkit is incredible - not to mention the value... To buy each of these products individually costs over $500!

Everything you need to plan, curate, create, track, optimise and even outsource your content marketing all in ONE bundle!

Use this toolkit of trainings, tools, and techniques to finally generate traction, traffic and ROI from your content. 

What are you waiting for? Get Started NOW.

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