Content Marketing Planner

The Content Marketing Planner is a fully customisable planning suite of spreadsheets (in one document for easy access and use) that encompasses the identification, planning and tracking of:

  • Overall business and marketing plans and goals
  • Your target market
  • Keyword research
  • Core messaging
  • Core offerings
  • Blog (or core content piece) planning (aka our Blog Planner)
  • Content distribution planner (social media, email, advertising)
  • Performance Trackers for your website, social media, lead generation, and sales conversions.

The planner also includes a 1-page instruction sheet on how to use the document.

Note: This planning template comes as a downloadable and fully customisable Excel spreadsheet and link to copy the Google Sheet version.

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  • multi-channel content creation and distribution planning
  • cross-channel audience leads and sales tracking

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