6-Week Social Media Re-Engagement Content Plan

Streamline your planning efforts for engaging your social media followers when you are trying to ramp up your client load

This plan will tell you exactly what to write about, meaning you don’t have to spend time brainstorming ideas or trying to generate new topics.

This 6-week plan is NOT just random prompt ideas to fill your social schedule, it takes your followers on a journey from neglected, to informed, to ready to buy. 

This 6-week social media plan was created to help freelancers who have been so busy they’ve neglected their socials for a while but need to ramp up their presence again to bring in new leads and clients.

This 6-week social media plan that tells you exactly what to post and when to take your profiles from barely posting, to a revived page with followers who know who you are, what you do, how you can help them, and how they can buy from you.

The plan complements the Revive Your List Engagement email series, which you will send to warm leads on your email list, by drumming up interest and responses from your followers on social media. This is a sure-fire way to engage both channels where warm leads may be researching you and your business during their buying journey.

You’ll get a 6-week social media plan that tells you exactly what to post and when. Simply create the copy in your own tone, add some relevant imagery if necessary and you are good to hit post.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

It may not seem like it given that it is such a relaxed medium, but social media is just as important a marketing channel as any other that you target your audience through.

And with social proof becoming a big factor in a buyer’s journey, you really cannot afford to not give your social media profiles the attention they deserve. The content should be crafted carefully and with purpose and should form a branch of your branding.

Your social media posts should form part of an overarching strategy – whether you’re at the start of a new product launch or in the midst of an engagement series designed to inform a new offering – and the copy and imagery should be purposefully put together with this strategy in mind.

And if you’re anything like most business owners, the one thing that is likely to fall off your to-do list during times of busyness or procrastination, is your social media management.

This 6-week social media plan perfectly complements the proactive positive marketing activities you could be undertaking during those quieter times in your business. Maybe during those times where your clients have tapered off or you’re returning to your at-home office after sickness or a holiday. Run the social media plan in conjunction with our Revive Your List Engagement email series for maximum engagement power.

Access Instructions

You will get immediate access to the 6-week social media plan as soon as you purchase this product.

In it, you will find daily social media post topics that cover a 6-week period. We’ve made it super easy for you to see what you need to post on which day. Simply write your captions and you are on your way to 42 unique social posts.

For the posts that rely on imagery, you will need to create your own either through graphic design sites such as Canva or even just posting photos from your personal life.

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