Nurture Sequence Workbook

Our Nurture Sequence Workbook is a short and sweet guidebook that walks you through creating a 5 part email nurture sequence designed to engage, connect, and convert leads into customers.

BONUS We've also included our guide to how to structure different Email Nurture Sequences for Sales so that you can make MORE SALES through email.

And the best bit? You won't be left feeling like an icky used-car salesman at the end!

Using this email sequence template, you can make sales by:

  • Being brief and to the point
  • Demonstrating value adds through longer sequences
  • Warming your audience in the lead up to a new launch
  • Nurturing your audience off the back of a lead magnet
  • Offering killer resources that solve your audience’s problems
  • Inviting your audience to a live event or webinar
  • Replaying your recorded event or webinar and then offering your audience your solution after the fact

We’ve broken it all down to make it super easy for you to engage, connect, and convert your customers time and time again!

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