The Big Business Clean Up

Digital Decluttering Action Plan

Sick of all the clutter and chaos in your day-to-day business?

Are you always scrolling over or wading through old files, tasks, templates or contacts to get to what you actually use in your business?

Give your business the refresh its craving and give you clarity and space to grow your business more efficiently.

This action plan is ideal for online business owners with:

🧹 digital inbox and file storage
🧹 digital marketing apps - website, email, design, social
🧹 project management apps

All of which are disorganised, full of old irrelevant files, and just so-not-on-brand any more. 

The Big Business Clean Up includes daily tasks to action in as little as 30mins a day.

Or if you're more of a Get Sh*t Done type like us, you can delegate or batch the tasks as you see fit.

This action plan uses the D.O.E.R method - Delete, Organise, Edit, Refresh - to spring clean every important area of your online business.

This works just like when you tidy up your work space... you can think clearer, you have the space to create new things, and you can actually find stuff when you need it!! 

This is a simple system for removing the clutter and chaos so that your business is organised and ready for growth. And, the process works whether you're solopreneur or have a team, and you can DIY or delegate to your team.

We created this process because the very first thing we do with clients embarking on system changes, migrations, or operational optimisation is to CLEAN IT UP.  After all, there is 0% point in transferring mess to a new system or process. You want to get started with a fresh slate with only what's actually needed so that you can run your business more efficiently.

Sure the process takes time upfront... and it's not a particularly fun job for most people.... but the bonus many clients report is that in the long term they find they actually save time, energy and money by running through this digital decluttering process. Many opt to do it every 90 days to keep their biz in tip-top shape.

Ready for a fresh start? 

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